Deane's Kombucha - A Toast to Your Health!
Deane's Kombucha is a refreshing, naturally carbonated, non-alcohol alternative with a clean, crisp flavor--packed with probiotics, amino acids, and enzymes for your health and vitality!

We start with a Kombucha culture, organic green tea, and organic cane sugar. After fermenting our Kombucha in oak barrels, we add small amounts of organic fruit to give each signature flavor its unique characteristics.  Hand crafted in Minneapolis, MN.

Deane's Kombucha named "Best Beverage in the Twin Cities" by MN Monthly!

Get Deane's on tap!

Want to make your business a kombucha destination? Offer Deane's on tap.

Own a kegerator?  Enjoy Deane's on tap at home.  Home delivered kegs!

Contact for pricing and availability.
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